Thursday, August 23, 2012

Easiest Smoky Eye Ever

who doesn't love a smoky eye, or a smokey eye (tomato, tomahto). if you are a makeup rookie or an old hat at makeup, you can always make use of the smoky eye technique. quite simply this is the easiest, fastest, error proof way to get your smoky eye. using only two products, an Aqua Shadow in 4E (grey) and a medium brown shadow for blending:


follow this step by step eye makeup tutorial to create your easiest smokey eye ever:
  1. apply grey shadow stick to eyelid from lashline to crease
  2. blend grey using the medium brown eyeshadow
  3. done!



  1. I absolutely love your blog. I found you through Your Beauty Junkie! Would love if you checked out my blog and YouTube. I'm not asking for a follow, just input and feedback.

  2. Wow! Lol -- have to show this to my sister... for some reason she just doesn't see how easy the Smokey Eye look is!