Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Vapour Organic Beauty {Review}

Soft Focus Foundation
Atmosphere Luminous Foundation

i was recently offered an opportunity to try Vapour Organic Beauty foundations. i was immediately interested for two reasons: 
  1. i love my Make Up For Ever but i am constantly on the hunt for the next buzz worthy foundation.
  2. i like organic products. i am not 'exclusively' organic but definitely like going that route if it is available.
i first tested out the product when i presented on Good Day Colorado. (you can see the segment here) when on television i like to have a full coverage foundation. in order to achieve this, i combined both the Luminous Foundation followed by the Soft Focus Foundation to get the most coverage possible. i was happy with the results but here are my thoughts.

the Atmosphere Luminous Foundation was great coverage. however, blending a stick foundation can be a bit tricky. the Soft Focus Foundation makes blending easy, but if you have oily skin you may want to avoid. this formula leaves your skin very dewy. i had to give myself a few extra coats of translucent powder to counter the shine.

for those of you in the market for an organic foundation, this is a worthy choice. i respect the fact that Vapour Beauty maintains environmental accountability and creates a product that is fully recyclable, organic and sustainable, while not sacrificing performance.

here's another photo of me and my Vapour Soft Focus Foundation. good coverage, good color.


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  1. Hello Kristie,

    Looks lovely, I would really like to buy the liquid version and would like to know which colour you are wearing? I am thinking of buying 115 but i'm about the same colour as yourself. Thanks, Lou from UK