Saturday, September 15, 2012

Eye Makeup Tutorial {Step by Step}

these eye makeup tutorials are always popular, but this one in particular as it is a great style for young & old and ridiculously easy to achieve. speaking of ridiculous, my MIL braided my daughters hair the other day, once finished my daughter looks in the mirror and says "i look gorgeous. that is ridiculous!" what is ridiculous is that my 3-year old talks like that.
Beauty Blog Backtrack:
my MIL has been great about supporting my blog and passing it on to friends. last week she called me with the suggestion of creating a tutorial for women who have slightly aged. i'm approaching my 31st birthday so i can appreciate that eyelids don't retain that sharp elasticity from your teens, but rather become more and more crepey, and lids tend to droop a bit. here are some tips for creating a stunning eye at ANY age, but particularly for those who may be experiencing some of the aforementioned problems.

makeup tips for MATURE eyes:
  • avoid shimmer shadows. shimmer will only enhance creases. stick to nice creamy mattes. if you like shimmer, try something with a lustre to it, rather than a shimmer.
  • avoid too much black eyeliner. every woman loves a good black eyeliner, but keep it subtle and avoid the lower eyelid if possible. less makeup on your lower eye helps keep a youthful appearance.
  • opt for an eyelash growth enhancer. as we age, our eyelashes tend to thin and not grow as long. there are so many eyelash growth serums on the market there is sure to be one that fits your needs.
  • if your lids are heavy/crepey, concentrate the majority of color near the base of lashline and blend upwards. this will help camouflage any crepey-ness, as well as improve the appearance of heavy lids.
below is a makeup tutorial that will look good on everyone, at ANY age. however, for those of you advancing in years, this will be especially beneficial.

  1. apply a creamy eyeliner from the base of lashes to the crease. don't worry about keeping it perfect as we will be blending over it.
  2. take a fluffy eyeshadow brush and blend eyeliner diffusing color upwards.
  3. follow with a matte eyeshadow blended over eyeliner, again diffusing upwards.
sticking with a dark color will eliminate the need for eyeliner but will still enhance the eyes, giving them a nice smoky look.

note: this looks much more shimmery because it is a smaller compressed image.