Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fashion Week Perks

one thing you don't read about in magazines or see on tv are the behind the scene lounges set up by major makeup companies, magazines and brands. these lounges are designed as a respite from the rush of Fashion Week, a place to rest your feet, charge your MacBook and tweet like a madwoman.

inside these lounges are also TONS of goodies to enjoy. below are some pics (apologies in advance for the obscene amount of pictures--i had so much fun!) of the various lounges i stopped by:

Birchbox Sample Stop
 at the Birchbox Sample Stop you could select your own items to create a custom Birchbox. we were like kids in a candy shop and had a hard time choosing which item was our favorite. of course i insisted each sister pick a beauty blender, those things are an essential to any makeup kit.

next stop was the Allure VIP lounge. i stopped by to visit the Crystal Icing boutique and scored the cutest cell phone cover EVER.

these gorgeous products are all works of art using the finest Swarovski Crystals and can be found in the hands of A-listers everywhere.

the apothecary jars filled with perfume samples were just too cute to pass up:

the Daily Style lounge provided some relief from the heat by offering drinks, spray tans and a personal makeup lesson from Petra of Pixi Beauty herself.

Petra Strand 

Alison Brod Public Relations
 a quick stop at one of my favorite PR groups in New York. their office is cute, pink and adorable. candy jars everywhere and the closets of my dreams.

spent a minute or two in the Urban Decay drawers

seriously, imagine these closets within your reach.

Urban Decay was parked outside of Lincoln Center to offer fuel (a.k.a. coffee) for Fashion Week attendees. along with your cup of joe was also a bag of goodies include Urban Decay's newest NAKED foundation. tried it, loved it, will be reviewing soon.

last but not least was the Cocktails & Couture party hosted by Lianne Farbes, my fairy blogmother. this woman helped me navigate my way through my first NYFW and for that i will be forever grateful. after spending 6 hours filming an infomercial together, we bonded for life.

her co-host, Afrobella a.k.a. Patrice Yersik is a beauty blogger pioneer. also pictured below is Aly Walansky, an all-round writing ninja acting as editor at several major websites. i spent the night partying with these awesome ladies and had the pleasure of meeting them for dinner the evening prior. they are amazing, kind and extremely gracious. i love being a part of this blogging community.



  1. Well, I must say I am completely jealous. I am so happy you had the opportunity to go!

  2. Oh no you didn't! Where was I?

    Looks like too much fun! Fashion week looks FABULOUS on you!