Friday, October 12, 2012

October Inspiration + Free Printable

a long time ago i lived in a land called OH-IO. it is located in the midwest, nestled between the armpit and the belly button of America. having lived there i grew to love the atmosphere (THE Ohio State University & Columbus Crew MLS were the atmosphere) and formed some of the best friendships i have ever made.

that's where i met kiki. my idol.

my girl kiki and i have been collaborating for a long time now. we both started our blogs roughly 2.5 years ago. hers is a design/lifestyle/craft/DIY/awesomeness blog that of coursed propelled to stardom immediately. mine however has been plugging along try to keep up with her superstar status. (all joking aside this is one seriously amazing, kind, creative and genuine person you will ever have the luck of meeting, even if through the internet) we decided to collaborate on a new venture where i put together my 'Monthly Trends' and kiki creates (ironically her old domain name) one her of super incredible prints.

here is what we came up with for the month of October:

October Inspiration

scarves, boots, nudes and neutrals are hot hot hot for fall (of course my love for all things Topshop pointed me in this direction). naturally i like this trending set considering i put it together, but what i really love is kiki's inspirational quote. that statement is true for every.single.person. while i wish i told you that more often, i really do believe it. i love you guys, yes YOU reading THIS blog right now. without you i would be words on a screen, with your support i become much more.


interested in getting a copy of this print for yourself? be sure to thank kiki for creating this FREE printable and allowing all of us to delight in her creativity. 




  1. Love you both! Love the look, love the words!

  2. omigoodness I want every single thing in that collage-LOVE how you put them together :)