Thursday, October 11, 2012

Stella & Dot Fall + Christmas Collection

i heart stella & dot. they make stylish jewelry, take the guess work out of accessorizing and put so much thought into the detail it looks and feels like fine jewelry (without the price!). with having just released their Fall 2012 collection and their Holiday 2012 collection now available i put together some of my favorite items to get your wish list started.

first, let's talk bracelets. layering bracelets is so adorably cute & chic. creating your own personalized layered look is the hottest jewelry trend of the moment. in the picture above i put together three of my favorite bracelets which would look amazing solo or partied up. i have been wearing the link bracelet and cannot stop adoring it. if this blog suddenly goes empty it is because we ran away together. sorry, i love it that much.

check out these gorgeous teardrop earrings above. earrings are a must for any wardrobe. a woman dressed up without earrings is like a man dressed up without a tie - something's missing. they draw the eye upward towards your face, they enhance your face shape and add some sparkle to your ensemble. worth the 15 seconds it takes to put them on. promise.

when i first saw the lace Geneve Lace collection above i thought 'pretty' and moved on to the next piece of jewelry. when putting together this little look book of Holiday collection pieces i stumbled upon this video featuring the inspiration behind the Geneve Lace collection. i am officially obsessed. watching that video made me want to purchase every piece, plus it gave great tips on how to wear them.

pendant necklaces are one of the most flattering jewelry pieces you can purchase. their length elongates the neckline (good) draws the eye upwards (good) and makes any outfit instantly polished (good). you cannot go wrong with a pendant necklace. what is so great about stella & dot pendants is that they look good alone, layered and can be worn multiple ways. that is a lot of versatility packed into one piece of jewelry.

like i mentioned yesterday, jeweled collars are in. instead of investing a lot of moulah into one shirt, invest your hard earned cash in a statement necklace. wear it with dresses, shirts, camis or tanks. these collared necklaces above will transform a jersey tee into something spectacular.

last but not least, stella & dot has created a capsule collection for Breast Cancer Awareness found here. all net proceeds of the sales in this collection will help support breast cancer research. now you can use your power of shopping for good.

take a minute and check it out just don't blame me if you can stop browsing this amazing site.