Thursday, November 8, 2012

Billion Dollar Brows {Review + Tutorial}

i was recently sent these two kits by billion dollar brows, one including the Brow Buddy Tool and the other including the 3 steps to Beautiful Brows - condition, color and control.

the Brow Buddy Tool (shown above) is a patent pending tool designed to help shape your brows. while it looks a bit medieval, this tool is the architect for your brows showing where to begin, where to arch and where to end.

you might be thinking, i only need a pencil for that... the genius of the Brow Buddy tool is that you can use it against both brows at the same time, helping to get the most symmetric results, rather than shaping only one side at a time.

included with the Brow Buddy Tool is also a brow pencil that is a universally flattering shade with a brow brush on the tip.

below is the kit which houses three products to get you the best brows ever. the cost of the kit below is a bit high but i am assuming that is for the brow boost - a conditioner which helps strengthen and condition the brows as well as improve fullness with NO scary side effects (unlike others which may change your skin tone). also included are the brow pencil and the brow gel (one of my favorite products).

let me tell you why brows are important. *pardon the interruption while i step onto my soapbox* the shape of your brow can significantly alter the appearance of your face. well groomed brows allow for more femininity, a thinner face, better bone structure and frame one of your best features - your eyes. so for your sake and mine, take a minute to groom those babies. *drops mic*
one of the very first tutorials i created (it is that important!) was a brow shaping tutorial. you can check it out below for a refresher, reminder or reintroduction.

i love you and your brows so do me a favor, shape them already?!



  1. If there is one aspect of beauty i am passionate about, it is eyebrows!!! I really believe they can do more for your face than a good haircut! I use Anastasia products and use their template which is a dream and a half! I often see people with such great potential in their eyebrows, but they just dont know what to do!!!! How can I approach people in a nice way to help them reach their full potential?!?

    1. Stefanie - just forward them the link to this post! haha. only kidding, however i completely agree with how important good eyebrows are! i have been hearing a lot about the Anastasia products recently and haven't had a chance to try them. i just might have to do some shopping in the near future.

      thanks for stopping by! xo