Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Eye Makeup Tutorial {Step by Step}

i am a wife and a mother, that often translates into two things:

  1. very little time to get ready
  2. very little money to spend on said 'get ready' products
the majority of my morning is spent getting my children off to their respective schools and the majority of my money is spent (gladly) on those sweet-faced kiddos of mine. when i find products that work well and don't cost an arm and a leg i am thrilled to pass them.

in this instance it would be the Jesse's Girl Pure Pigment Eye Dusts. i have tried the Jesse's Girl products and some i think are major bang for your buck and others are just so-so but these Pure Pigment Eye Dusts have me converted. for $4.99 you have yourself a shadow with good color payoff, surprisingly little fallout for a loose pigment and reasonably lasting color. in my opinion that is $4.99 well invested in a makeup collection.

let's be honest, morning routines thrive on simplicity so i grabbed two Pure Pigment Eye Dusts (UltraViolet and Starshine) to create the makeup look below. the trick to two colors is heavily placing the color (in the exact locations specified below) and then lightly blending, and blending and then take ten more seconds to blend some more.

tell me, that we belong together - Jesse's Girl if all your pigments are this wonderful - i'll be the greatest fan of your life. *me singing in a warbling voice*

apply your makeup like a pro with these three simple steps shown in the above tutorial. makeup has never been so easy.



  1. Pretty look!! And Ive heard of this brand before and I think I can get it from my local Rite Aid.. Keep up with your bad self Krisite :)

  2. I love this colors ! The make up is really pretty !

  3. love the purple color. I'll definitely have to hunt these down.

  4. that is gorgeous! when i seen it on the feed im like "something about that is so eye catching, i cannot pass this blog post up!" you are so pretty- you look like Sabrina the Teenaged Witch on your sidebar! lol!