Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Laura Mercier Spring Collection

on counters this month are products from Laura Mercier's Spring 2013 collection - the Arabesque Collection. the feel of these products are soft, feminine with lots of pinks, blues and neutrals. while i love colorful makeup my everyday tendencies are towards pinks, blues and neutrals. Laura Mercier, how kind of you to make a collection with me in mind.

a few years ago i read Laura Mercier's book The New Beauty Secrets (a must read for any woman). while it was chock full of beauty tips the one that stuck with me was what eyeliners a woman should use on her lower lash line: blue, nude or white. notice that black is nowhere on that list. Laura Mercier products are all about a fresh face - enhancing your beauty not your alter ego.

the polish above is En Pointe - a great sheer nude for the nails. the quality of Laura Mercier polishes are amazing. they are practically chip proof, apply smooth and leave a gorgeous shine. the polish En Pointe is extremely sheer as shown above after having painted two coats. the perfect polish for everyday wear. you will look ultra chic, polished and perfect.

below is the Midnight Bleu eye pencil. blues are good for nearly every eye color. they make blue eyes bluer, brown eyes bolder and are a compliment to greens. you won't be sorry investing in a blue pencil.

the Arabesque Collection is in stores now and as with all limited edition collections, you want to get there early because your favorites will surely be gone come spring!



  1. I like how soft and oh so pretty that nail color is!!

  2. I am falling hard for the Laura M since her Cinema Noir and Lingerie collections came out. I caved and bought some Laura sets this holiday and am so happy with it all. My single complaint with LM nail lacquer is the stubby length brush- problematic for me but no one else seems to mind. for unique colors(i have Organza and Twilight), and pretty decent wear, I over look this caveat. I wonder does Laura M makes nude eyeliner? need to try that idea. Loving the Midnight Bleu, which is permanent and also the Stone Grey liner, which is more blue than grey and limited edition. Probably will pick up both of these.