Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ray-Ban Wayfarers

do you have an item or accessory that is your go-to ididn'twashmyfacemyhairordomymakeupandiamwearingsweatsbutitdoesn'tmatterbecauseiamrockingtheseawesomeshades?

yeah, i thought so.

my Ray-Ban Sunglasses are my go to of late. i now know why they are a favorite of the Hollywood Elite (that would be you Mr. James Dean): they don't show your eyes, they're cool, they're trendy and they never go out of style. incognito + fashion = Hollywood must have.

i leave my favorite accessories sitting on my dresser for easy access. my obligatory daily arm party paired with the eau de toilet of the moment finished by my sunglasses makes me feel complete. i've said it before and i'll say it again, accessorizing is the tie of menswear. it is necessary, it finishes the look and it must be kept in rotation as to avoid redundancy.

this particular style, the Ray-Ban 2132 wayfarer was delivered by my favorite sponsor, Sunglassesshop.com where you can pick up your favorite designer sunglasses for quick delivery. the Ray-Ban style has remained a style icon because its shape flatters all faces and pairs with all trends. there are very few things in the history of fashion that have maintained as long as the wayfarer.

i would love to hear your go-to, sound off in the comments.



  1. I love my wayfarers! Loved them in 1990 and love them just as much in 2013 :)