Monday, January 21, 2013

Choose Your Own Styl Makeup

i was recently sent some new makeup products from Mary Kay to create a tutorial for some of the latest makeup trends. i decided to branch out and try something new: Choose Your Own Style Makeup.

in this video i chose nine products (seriously, only nine!) to create three different makeup looks. a makeup tutorial look for the everyday casual wear - you know when you don't really want to wear makeup but still wear some makeup? following that is a makeup tutorial for the business appropriate look - a little more makeup but not so shocking. last is the going out and want to look smokin' hot makeup tutorial.

watch the video and click on the look you want, you will then be directed to the video with that particular tutorial. if you like this method of tutorials please let me know. editing this footage was a labor of love and i will gladly create more if it is something you like. if not, meh.

so here goes, choose your own style makeup and find the makeup tutorial that suits you or your mood:



  1. I do and dont like these type of videos. I like how you get straight to the point, but i dont like how fast it is.

  2. Nice video. You are too funny. I like "business casual" a lot. It's classy and elegant.
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  3. I love the captions :) Great video!

  4. Cute movie! I subscribed and liked this video!

  5. Dontcha just love those MaryKay lip glosses!