Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hard Candy CC Cream Review

last spring launched a myriad of BB (beauty balm) products to the American markets. with promises of skin improvement, SPF and tint it seemed like it was the dream product. one of my favorite beauty editors put together an article on BB Creams that is a must read found here. included in the article is an amazing chart on how to choose a BB Cream and which one works best, along with everything you've ever wanted to know about a BB Cream.

just when it seemed as though we were getting a hang of this whole BB thing, say hello to CC creams. just launched by Hard Candy the CC stands for Correction Creme and promises to protect skin as well as improve complexions. please excuse the know-it-all in me as i predict we will be seeing another influx in the market this spring.

the Correction Creme comes in a variety of colors (most BB creams cater to fair to medium skin tones) which is great for those with medium to dark complexions. while i opted for the fairest of the colors, it still seemed quite dark:

the good news is that it blends well and i appreciated the sun-kissed effect. seeing as how we still have snow on the ground here in Denver i will probably avoid any 'glow' until April.  similar to BB creams, the CC cream is designed to be worn under makeup, or on its own, depending on how much coverage you like.

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. - Shakespeare

BB cream or CC cream, as long as it performs does a name really matter?


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  1. That's the fairest color? That would be wayyy to dark for me, even if I had a tan I still think that would be too dark for me!