Thursday, April 25, 2013

DIY Glitter Nail Polish

it's been a while since i've done a DIY and i decided to begin a series called 'Frankenpolish' teaching you how to DIY your own nail polish, in this case, glitter polish.

ask me what my favorite color is.

just ask me.

it's glitter. not really a color, i know, but like a bird i am attracted to shiny objects. particularly all that glitters.

in the world of nail blogs (i follow my fair share) they have a technique they like to call 'franken' which is what you do when you mix colors or create a polish blend of your own. the first time i heard that term i thought it was perfect because it draws such a clear picture of a mad scientist blending and tweaking to create something just right. have an outfit you can't quite match? just franken it. looking for a glitter mix with just the right blend of colors? just franken it.

so the first my my 'Frankenpolish' series is DIY glitter polish which is ridiculously simple. collect the glitters you would like to use, create a paper funnel and add your glitter blend. mix polish and apply.