Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Makeup For Small Eyes {Eye Makeup Tutorial 1-2-3}

thanks to reader Bonnie for requesting this tutorial. i have had a lot of readers ask how to apply makeup for small eyes, or how to make small eyes look bigger? here is a tutorial showing you step by step how to achieve it.

step 1: apply nude shimmer eyeshadow over entire lid:

step 2: apply your dark shade ONLY to outside corner of eye. applying too much dark shadow can make eyes appear smaller. by applying a small amount, you still achieve a smokier look, without compromising your eyeshape.

step 3: apply highlighter shade to brow bone, center of eyelid, and inner corner of eye. highlighting these areas will make eyes appear larger and brighter.

your finished product:

to add extra eye-opening oomph, use a white eyeliner and line the inside waterline of your eye. this will give the illusion of extra large eyes. avoid using any eyeliner on your bottom lid.


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