Thursday, April 11, 2013

At Home Spa

this post sponsored by Eucerin

taking care of your skin is essential and creating an at home spa is easier than ever. with a snow day enforcing martial law on the city of Denver, my girls and i decided to DIY our own spa.

we gathered our supplies of cucumber eye masks, LUSH Cosmetics face mask (which is great for kids because it is all natural and non-toxic), some great Eucerin lotions to finish the job and last but not least, healthy snacks & drinks.

sunscreen is important on ANY day, not just summer days

keeping your body hydrated is essential in helping your skin look younger and healthier. water helps to remove toxins in your system as well as helps your body to retain important nutrients. vitamin-loaded fruits and vegetables are also an excellent way to make H20 intake is complete!

my two little ones, Chloe & Olive, had a blast playing with the masks and the lotions but the best part was definitely the refreshments. having seen the recipe for infused water and veggie bowls on Pinterest i decided to give them a shot. 

Infused Water - healthy to drink and fun to eat.

1/2 cucumber sliced
1/2 lb. of strawberries cut in half
add water and let cool in refrigerator for approx. 30 minutes

Veggie Bowl -

2 carrots sliced into straws
1/2 cucumber sliced into straws
cherry tomatoes
Ranch dip
add 1/4 cup of Ranch dip to small bowl, top with veggies

while the weather forced us to stay in, we were able to have a fresh, fun, spring day. i mean it is April, sheesh.

with all things H20 in mind, Eucerin would like to offer you an H20 prize pack filled with essential ingredients to keep your skin glowing. (trust me, these products are wonderful) follow the rafflecopter instructions below to enter:

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*Eucerin products and prize pack were provided as part of the Eucerin Skin First Network. All opinions, experiences, pictures, food, children & fun were entirely my own.