Monday, April 1, 2013

Summer Bronzed Makeup {Video Tutorial}

i may be jumping the gun on posting this tutorial the first day of April but this is no joke - everyone loves a good tan but i want you to get tan without damaging your skin. above is my video tutorial teaching you how to fake a tan, also known as a faux glow, while maintaining healthy skin.

i mentioned before that i would to put a little more emphasis on skin care this year. one of your most important body parts yet often of the most abused. fun fact: your skin really is your largest organ. fun fact brought to you by T-man who happens to also be an expert.

so here's me begging you to treat your skin with care. we only get one chance to do it right. please wear sunscreen. please wash, moisturize and treat with the intention of protecting and improving. under no circumstances allow that evil (but oh so wonderful) orb of a sun burn your skin. instead, watch this tutorial and fake that glow through spring and summer.

if you need any self tanner recommendations, you can find my reviews here.


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