Friday, June 21, 2013

Fashion Friday Summer Casual

this week's Fashion Friday features my favorite summer item: Ray-Ban SunglassesRay-Ban sunglasses are certainly not new to the scene but the colored, mirrored Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses are the latest and greatest trend for summer. with a variety of colors to choose from, you can select a color for every style or stick with your favorite color for the entire summer. (a realistic option for those of us who are ever-so-slightly financially bound)

since selecting these sunglasses two weeks ago i have been working these sunnies every chance i get. they are a bloggers dream: colorful, versatile and they instagram well. 

do you like how i slyly worked that in there? come be my friend on instagram, i don't bite.

my summer uniform is essentially cropped skinnies with a casual T and some shades. after recently finding the Local Celebrity t-shirts i have become an instant fan. with tongue in cheek humor their tees are everything. i may have picked out the perfect tee for every member of my family - now i just have to wait for their birthdays to order (i'm nice but i'm not that nice*)

*see above mention about being ever-so-slightly financially bound

check out below how my summer casual is styled and be sure to welcome the new Ray-Bans, you'll probably be seeing a lot of them.

denim: j brand T-shirt: Local Celebrity sunglasses: Ray-Ban

shoes: Roxy (similar here) soda: Coca-Cola

nails: essie Naughty Nauticals

arm candy: L-R c/o Stella & Dot, Croton watch gifted, c/o Stella & Dot, c/o Jami (similar scull wrapped bracelet here)

catching some rays while slathered in sunscreen


pps. I was recently featured on as a guest blogger - check it out here!

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  1. You look amazing! I am in love with those aviators. I need a pair stat! And good girl, slathering on your sunscreen! :)


  2. Loved this post, and love that you drink your Coke with a straw. I can never decide if I want to use a straw (save my teeth from the sugar) or not use one (save myself from the marionette lines). I think I need to go shopping for some new tshirts too! Yours is so cute!

  3. These photos are amazing and I love the outfit (and sunglasses)!

  4. Love those shades,, looks kewl in blue, truly eye candy.