Tuesday, June 4, 2013

What I've Been Doing...

this month my husband will be finishing up at his job and we will be moving our family to Washington State. before we move there are so many fun things i've done and will be doing that i have been dying to share.

first, i was invited to the Nordstrom Beauty Trend Show a couple weeks ago. not knowing exactly what to expect i grabbed two of my favorite girls and promised them wonderful eye candy if they joined me. we were not disappointed!

not only was Nordstrom the most gracious host ever, they hooked a sister up (and my friends!) allowing us VIP access to the event including prime seating, VIP gift bags and a personal escort at the event. we snuggled in at the end of the runway with our bags full o' loot - including spring/summer's hottest products - and watched a great show. 

though it ran a bit long every moment was filled with energy and excitement. offering giveaways throughout the entire runway show created a buzz of energy similar to that of the Price Is Right. women were dancing in aisles, cheering, fist pumping and generally pleased to be a part of this experience. 

if you get the opportunity to go, i would recommend it. ticket price for the event is applied toward any beauty purchase you make that day!

our seating at the center of the show. my girlfriends are the cutest!
a glimpse at our wonderful 'goodie bag'
does this jacket look familiar?!
this is also where i first spied the neon, 80's-esque, Maison Scotch baseball jacket that i have been wearing to death - seen here & here. and if you know me in real life you know it has been worn on the daily.

next up was the grand opening of H&M which i first wrote about here. i rounded up my grand prize winner and headed to SouthGlenn Mall where i found a line of people stretched around the store waiting to get in. thankfully, H&M had graciously offered myself and the grand prize winner early access to shopping and an opportunity to enjoy the store all to ourselves.

with a DJ on site and personal shoppers to assist, we made quick work of finding our favorite items. great deals were to be had for the grand opening and according to the store coordinator, H&M has grand opening groupies who follow them around the country because these things are jam packed with great deals, prizes and fun.

customers lined up outside 
these glasses are sort of amazing
grand prize winna'!!
my favorite purchase was a neon hoodie (of course!) found in the sportswear section. it was the perfect jacket necessary for my trip to Red Rocks with Tman to see The Postal Service. having grown up in Washington state, Tman and i met in Seattle where i was living the dream - dating guys in bands, loitering in cramped bars to watch emo tunes and roommates. it seems there was a never-ending stream of roommates.

10 years ago my favorite musician (Ben Gibbard) collaborated on one of Sub-Pop's most successful albums 'The Postal Service'. Tman and i - along with ex-boyfriends, roommates and a handful of others - purchased tickets to see their show at The Crocodile which is essentially a bar located in downtown Seattle. 10 years later The Postal Service decided to reunite for a reunion tour that sold-out in arenas internationally, and Tman picked up some front row tickets as my Mother's Day gift.

probably one of my favorite gifts ever.

so what does one wear to a Red Rocks concert? lots and lots of neon. natch.

a windy shot

paired with another windy shot

our dinner - takeout sushi

Red Rocks Ampitheater
one of the amazing things about Red Rocks Ampitheater is that the entire surrounding area is ridiculously windy, but inside the ampitheatre there is no wind. you are nestled into the Rocky Mountains and it is warm, peaceful and surprisingly cozy while be surrounded by 9,500 people.

we return to Red Rocks in two weeks for one last concert (Guster) along with many, many farewell dinners, parties and us clinging to every last second of Colorado.


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