Monday, June 3, 2013

On The Go Beauty

these last few weeks have been a blur of airports, cities and a lot of fun. i typically pack a small pouch in my purse to include some lipgloss, facial blotting papers, etc., but when i am this busy moving from event to event, i need to call in the big guns. 

here is what i haul in my beauty arsenal to keep myself looking good all day long. just enough product to be portable while still providing full coverage.
  1. Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Compact - the absolute Holy Grail of tinted moisturizers is now available in a compact making the greatest sheer foundation of all time even greater. i have packed this from New York to Seattle and everywhere in between. this has seen a lot of use over the last few weeks and has been a saving grace. [i will save you the details of being poured on in the rain and touching up with this lovely]
  2. MAC Casual Colour - i loved the Casual Colour limited edition by MAC mainly for their tinted cheek and lip color. this stuff is gives the color of a stain with the creaminess of a balm. i love it.
  3. Benefit They're Real - i received this in the Birchbox i created at Fashion Week and have been loving the travel edition. do i love it enough to purchase a full size? probably.
  4. Urban Decay SMOG - my Urban Decay has been seeing a lot of mileage these last few weeks. with color that can be use alone or layered it has become my one pot wonder.
  5. E.L.F. brush and black eyeliner - enough said.
  6. Tweezerman Tweezers - touching up your brows in the car is one of the best places to tweeze. the lighting makes every little hair visible making for perfect tweezing conditions.

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