Tuesday, July 2, 2013

How To: Get Gorgeous Summer Gams + Giveaway

summertime is that dreaded time of year when your winter layers are shed (literally) and your entire body is exposed. for those of you who are body conscious as well as sun conscious, letting your legs do the talking/walking can be a bit intimidating. here are some tips on how to get your legs summer ready in no time (sans sunlight of course!)

listed below are the products you will need:

  • Too Faced Royal Oil - this coconut oil body bronzer is a temporary fix for pale legs. apply it for a quick and immediate golden bronze shimmer. body oil gives just the right amount of shine with added tint for smoother, glowing legs. it is seriously my secret to great legs - even when you can't workout and haven't seen a gym in few weeks er... months. (insider tip, add some of this to the ends of your hair for increased shine and moisture)
  • Nad's Bikini & Underarm Wax Strips - yes, you read that right, Nad's. these bikini and underarm wax strips changed my (summer) life! they're portable, they're easy to use and they work really well. pack them in your suitcase for quick touch-ups on vacay or keep a box at home for easy maintenance. smooth skin = great legs.
  • St. Tropez - i may be beating a dead horse recommending this self-tanner over, and over and over again, however, it is one of my favorite tanning products and i would be doing us both a disservice by not recommending it. the mousse formula applies evenly and dries to a deep bronze tan. no sun needed for bronzing.
  • BIC Soleil Bella Razors - this disposable takes disposable razors to a new level. the four blades give you a smooth clean shave, the pivoting head hugs the curves of your knees nicely, the moisture strip helps soothe the legs once finished and the rubber grip means no slipping in the shower. 

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all BIC Soleil products provided for giveaway courtesy of BIC Soleil. all reviews, opinions and observations are my own.