Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Oro Gold Cosmetics [Sponsored Post]

Oro Gold Cosmetics are beauty products that are made with 24k gold. that's right, real gold. if you are anything like me and you like small bits of luxury - this is it. Oro Gold Cosmetics is a line of beauty products that uses 24k gold in its formulations. having been a technique used for centuries by the privileged and wealthy it has a history of effectiveness. from Egypt to Rome, it has had a myriad of uses for improving beauty. Cleopatra slept in it and Romans used it in a salve for healing a variety of problems. 

i suppose you could say that this concept has stood the test of time.

how does any of this relate to me? well i'm glad you (sort of) asked. i had a fateful encounter with Oro Gold Cosmetics.

last year Tman and i visited Las Vegas with some friends. Tman decided to go hunt down some tickets to 'O' so my girlfriend and i decided to do a little window shopping. while we were out wandering the shops we stopped into a skincare shop to try out some lotions. the saleswoman sat us down and told us to take 2 minutes to apply some undereye cream to our eyes to see what a difference it makes. we agreed and sat listening to her discuss the benefits of the lotion as she gently applied it under our eyes. our serene moment was interrupted as Tman called to let us know the tickets were purchased and he was ready to go. grabbing our bags we rushed out of the shop to go meet up with our husbands.

it wasn't until we were in the car driving back to the hotel that we decided to take a look in the mirror and check out the results of the lotion that the saleswoman had raved about. i was shocked to see my fine lines and wrinkles had all but disappeared! both my friend and i were blown away by the results and she and i decided to hunt down this product once we returned home.

you know how life tends to get filled up and suddenly months had passed and i hadn't had the chance to find that product that my friend and i loved so much. i figured i would eventually stumble across it in my beauty blogging endeavors. fate must have stepped in because shortly after i received an email from Oro Gold Cosmetics offering to send some products to try.

Oro Gold Cosmetics found me! the mystery product we had tried in Las Vegas was Oro Gold Cosmetics and it was just the lotion i had been looking for.

after having tried Oro Gold Cosmetics and loved it, i have also featured it on Colorado's Best as one of my must haves for sizzlin' summer beauty. check out the video linked above for details:

Oro Gold Cosmetics brings just the right amount of luxury into my life, through beauty products of course!


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  1. Very interesting post about oro gold! its fun to hear about new skin care companies. i want to give it a try. do you know where are their stores?