Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Vine Vera Skincare Review*

*Sponsored Post courtesy of Vine Vera however all reviews, opinions and experiences are my own.
the recent move of the Blushing Basics household necessitated a need for new skincare. new climate = new skincare. i could make a long (read: extensive) list of skin care products i have used, tried, and have been completely underwhelmed by. as the author of this beauty blog i consider it my job to weed out the bad and underperforming and bring you some of my favorites. on any given day you will find 3-4 different face washes in the bathroom shower. i have morning favorites, evening favorites, post swim favorites, travel favorites and everything in between. occasionally i come across something interesting and i'll definitely share, whether it is a trending item, an amazing product or rather something slightly unconventional.

Vine Vera skincare fits all three categories. the idea behind this skincare collection is that it uses the powerful antioxidant Resveratrol to help restore and improve skin. you may have heard the use of Resveratrol before as it has been a buzzword in the 'health benefits of Red Wine' debate. Resveratrol is found in the skin of red grapes and research has found it to be an effective anti-aging treatment. with the  collection of Vine Vera focused on the benefits of Resveratrol the collection has names like Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet.

you may or may not know that as a lifestyle choice i am not a drinker however i wouldn't mind receiving the benefits of red wine through skincare, rather than a drink.

my first rule of skincare is that it be effective. fancy packaging, names and ingredients mean nothing if your product doesn't work. some of the benefits i found in Vine Vera were that i liked how moisturizing the Vine Vera products were. i live in a very dry climate which compounded with daily swimming means even drier skin. thankfully the Age Defying Eye Serum has my back in keep those crows feet at bay.

second, if i am going to spend a lot of money on a product i expect it to have nice packaging. i don't want to spend 30 dollars on a blush that comes in a flimsy compact and the same goes for skin care. if the pumps are going to break, leak or just not work, i don't want it. the Vine Vera products use the compressed air pump system which means not a drop goes wasted. additionally the packaging is ├╝ber lux with products resting in their own individual cases.

last, i am a sucker for the unconventional. having 'tried it all' i am intrigued when an idea or solution i haven't heard of is introduced. i want to give everything a shot and the Resveratrol focused solution is definitely intriguing.

update 10/14/14

i just tried a new product line from Vine Vera which is the Vitamin C collection. this collection includes Vitamin C cleanser, Serum, Day Cream and Peel. the products are a Vitamin C based product infused with the Vine-Vera product of choice Reservatrol, as well as Vitamin A. the products leave your skin feeling so silky as smooth as well as refreshed. the scent of the products is one of my favorite components. it smells so light and delicious it is a dream.

the consistency of the day cream is smooth with a creamy color. it literally leaves your skin feeling like silk. the Vitamin C peel is a great treatment for improving the texture of your skin. it is an opaque formula with a great scent and works great at removing makeup and dirt from your skin. included in the set is also a cleanser and a Vitamin C serum that gets rave reviews.

for more information and updates about Vine Vera you can visit their twitter site here.

**update 8.1.15**

Vine Vera recently released a new line of products as pictured below. it is the Moscato Sensitive Skin line and perfect for anyone with skin sensitivities. included in the line are a Sensitive Skin Eye Cream, a Sensitive Skin Eye Serum, a Sensitive Skin Cleanser and a Sensitive Skin Cream. each one of the products is a great product on its own but when used as a complete line of products you will experience better results. for instructions on how to use the products visit the Vine Vera products instructions page here.

the Resveratrol Moscato Sensitive Skin products are designed to gently cleanse and condition your skin. using them as a part of your daily routine will help maintain your skin complexion. it will leave your skin feeling silky and rejuvenated while treating your skin with the delicacy it deserves. the formulations are non-greasy and lightweight, making it a comfortable product to wear daily.

which Vine Vera product line are you interested in?