Thursday, August 1, 2013

How To Wax Your Eyebrows

plucking your eyebrows is great for shaping and contouring. if you need some pointers on how to do that, you can watch my video here.

waxing your eyebrows...well, that just takes your brows to a whole new level! i don't like using waxing to shape my eyebrows, i like using it simply for the fact that it cleans up those thousands of tiny hairs you can't see when tweezing in the mirror. then, you get out to your car and look in your vanity mirror only to find tons of little hairs that your tweezer could not have possibly picked up. waxing is the genius that smooths the skin around your brows and makes those plucked arches look perfect. the skin around your brows is shinier once waxed, and helps create a natural "highlight" of your eyes.

it can be a bit expensive to do this regularly, but don't fret! waxing your brows is SIMPLE and can be done from the comfort of your own home. if you already own your own wax, you can proceed. if not, head to your nearest Target or beauty supply and pick up a wax kit. you can find small wax kits for only a few dollars.

step 1: heat up your wax. i am using my GiGi wax and wax warmer. if you don't own a wax warmer, it can often be warmed in the microwave.

step 2: prepare your supplies. i use muslin fabric cut to the size desired. special waxing paper strips can also be purchased from the beauty supply. wax kits often come with strips pre-cut. i also trim off the end of my popsicle stick applicator to get a sharp tip for precision when waxing eyebrows. make sure to remove all makeup from eyes.

step 3: apply your wax in four stages. below are the highlighted areas showing where to wax, and in what order. the order is not rigid, this is just to give you a guideline.

apply your wax to area 1. when applying wax dip the sharp end of your wax stick into wax. remove any excess wax, only a small amount is needed. apply wax in the direction of hair growth. area 1 above already has wax applied.

step 4: apply your muslin strip. press firmly over the wax in the direction the wax was applied (see arrow below). once you have pressed firmly several times, rip off strip (QUICKLY!) in the opposite direction of arrow.

step 5: finish with GiGi's After Wax Cooling Gel, or ointment of your choice, to help reduce redness and inflammation.

here's the final product. slightly red but oh so shiny. good luck with your waxing!



  1. I only let ONE person touch my brows...her name is Linda lol.

  2. I am scared to wax my brows. I pluck them usually once or twice a week, and they actually have pretty good shape. I have really dense hairs in the beginning of my eyebrow, but by the time the arch gets here, the hairs start getting super sparse and I don't want to over pluck or wax.

  3. I am so old fashioned and still using plain good old fashion tweezers.
    I did once venture in waxing but the experience wasn't very good...

    this post provides great info maybe.. I'll venture yet again with waxing


  4. i do wax my own brows as well ;-)

  5. You make it look so easy! I don't think I'll ever be brave enough to do it myself! x

    1. i promise, the more you do it, the easier it gets!

  6. I wax my own and have been for almost a year. It gets easier. I know it seems scary but I promise it's not bad. This tutorial is great and I even learned something from it even after doing mine for a year lol.

  7. I love waxing! Did you know that if you run out of muslin strips you can take the thicker glossy pages out of a magazine (the front/back cover) and use those as wax strips? It works super well. Thanks for the great post!

    1. This is great to know! I have a BUNCH of magazines with thick pages! Thanks for the tip!

  8. I love waxing my brows myself. I only go to the salon when I need to be reshaped. Since I bought my kit, I haven't been to the salon in a few years!