Monday, August 26, 2013

Typical Daily Makeup Tutorial

a typical day for me consists of makeup & hair. i am one of those people who feels 'complete' once they are ready for the day. (no judgement here. if you are a no makeup kind of gal - hats off to you!) i thought i would put together a post sharing some of my daily routine with you, beginning with my flawless face tutorial. check out the video below to see how i get my face lookin' so darn smooth:

rare is the day that my makeup is complete without the finishing touch of liquid eyeliner. one of my most popular videos (1.7 million views and counting) is the tutorial teaching How To Apply Liquid Eyeliner:

last i finish with some hairstyling. more often than not i shower and skip washing my hair. i could tell you all the benefits of how shampooing every other day or every third day is better for your hair health, or how heat styling products can damage your hair, but let's be honest - i'm kind of lazy that way. below is video showing a dozen different hairstyles to take your second (or third!) day hair to the next level:



  1. Great video Kristie!! I am going to try the L'Oreal true match for a contour. What shade do you use? Thanks! Amber

  2. You are always my inspiration to get out of my "momiform"...:)

    Cheers to Day 3 Hair!

    Love you!

  3. Thanks, Kristie! Great video. NOW, I know how to apply blush. :)