Friday, September 6, 2013

Nourish Your Skin From Within + Eucerin $125 Giveaway

September is National Skin Care Awareness Month and to show some love to our skin, let's discuss what we eat! 

did you know that what you put on your plate is just as important as what you put on your skin? everything you eat affects your skin health and a healthy diet can lead to healthy skin. below is a list of some of my favorite foods to improve skin health:
  • carrots - rich in vitamin A help prevent overproduction of cells in the skin's outer layer where dead cells and sebum combine and clog pores. yuck!
  • spinach - a personal favorite, is super hydrating and helps penetrate cell membranes which can lead to plumper and less wrinkled skin.
  • berries - rich in antioxidants which are the miracle workers in skin care. the nutrients in these yummy foods help keep skin clear.
  • avocados - packed with niacin which is an anti-inflammatory which helps soothe irritated or red skin.

eating healthy is an important part of the Blushing Basics household (see Tman & sissy boo above chowing on some delicious fruit) and this month Eucerin would like to offer one Blushing Basics reader the opportunity to do their own healthy food shopping with:
  • $125 Gift Card to Whole Foods
  • Plus a selection of Eucerin Products
holy sweetness Batman, you better be entering by following the instructions below:


*i am a Skin First Network blogger and as such received this promotion on behalf of Eucerin however all opinions, snark and around the way knowledge is my own.

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  1. umm i'm eating blueberries right now, but mines are a bit wrinkly...hope they're still good.