Wednesday, September 25, 2013

NYX Precious Pearls

one of the hottest trends in nails for fall are textured nails. whether it is fuzzy coats, sparkly textures, liquid sand or pearl manis, any texture is welcome. NYX Precious Pearls brings you the gorgeous mani finish of the widely popular 'caviar texture manicure' at a much, much more affordable price.

the NYX Precious Pearls come in a variety of colors, my personal favorite being the silver pearls. you can also find black (great for winter) and a color mix of white, black and silver. applying them is ridiculously easy; simply paint your nail, pour pearls over the nail, gently press into place and let dry for 15 minutes. gorgeous textured mani complete.

the genius part of this kit is that it comes with the base coat, pearls and a small funnel for replacing excess pearls. everything you need for your textured manicure. NYX for the win.

ps. NYX can be found at Ulta Beauty and most recently at Targets nationwide!