Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Q-tip Beauty Uses


Q-tips are one of the unsung heros of beauty. they are a must in every makeup kit, bathroom, makeup drawer, beauty bag or medicine cabinet. the ultimate "do-everything" tool. the beloved Q-tips brand has recently introduce new Q-tips Precision Tips. here are a few of my favorite beauty uses for them:
  • tweezing partner - apply some alcohol or astringent to the end of your cotton swap to clean the brow area before tweezing.
  • eyebrow tamer - get those unruly eyebrows whipped into shape by applying a small amount of vaseline to your cotton swab and direct those brows how you want 'em.
  • soften your browliner - after tweezing and filling in brows, wipe off any excess with a Q-tip to create a softer look.
  • mani must - when giving yourself an at-home manicure, create a "magic wand" polish remover by dipping Q-tip into nail polish remover. instantly removes those unwanted smudges.
  • portable makeup brush - rub your favorite eyeshadow onto the end of your Q-tip and place Q-tip in plastic baggie. store in your purse, suitcase, car, for a portable dose of your favorite eyeshadow.
  • makeup brush alternative - with precise makeup application, Q-tips are great for softening bright colors, smudging dark colors, and blending multiple colors. plus, their safe for the delicate skin around your eyes.
  • concealer wand - apply concealer  using a Q-tip instead of your fingers and keep your concealer germ free.
  • makeup cleaner - hate it when your eyeshadow has fallout? Q-tips provide a quick fix. simply run the cotton swap under a little water and pick up any makeup that has fallen under your eye or on your cheeks.
if you have any favorite beauty uses for the Q-tip, please share!



  1. Jessica TruBeautyGemsDecember 21, 2011 at 10:31 AM

    I ran out of these like a week ago and was doing my makeup which is mega hard without these! I had to run out and grab more asap! Thanks for the tips!

  2. these are great tips!xx

  3. Great tips! It is a mani must for me!

  4. q-tips serve so many purposes in my household! Great little invention!