Friday, October 25, 2013

Fashion Friday Workout Style

representing with some of my favorite work out gear. Tman and i are planning a Hawaiin getaway in a few months and i decided it was about time to get my booty in check. some of my favorite workout brands include Zella (from Nordstrom) and C9 (from Target). the quality of the Zella pants are awesome, the price is even better and they come in cute/flattering cuts and styles. the C9 gear from Target is super hot although i don't have enough experience yet with the quality to give any reports.

last but not least i am representing my favorite outdoor gear - Outdoor Element. i love this bracelet and it makes the perfect gift for any outdoor buff with flint and steel built into the buckle and tinder braided into the cord. it may or may not be owned by some of my favorite people in the world - definitely worth checking out!


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