Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Makeup Guide: The 'Rules' Of Makeup

i get a lot of questions about the 'rules' of makeup. should you wear foundation daily? how much makeup is too much? what is the minimum amount of makeup i can wear?

when it comes down to it, my philosophy with makeup and style is that 'If it makes you feel beautiful, you are doing it right.' basically, there are no rules. you can wear teal blue eyeliner with bright pink lipstick if that is your jam. you can wear no makeup at all if you find it a complete bother. wear what makes you feel comfortable.

beyond that philosophy, for those of us who like basic guidelines to follow to stay within the bell curve, above are a set of instructions for when and when not to wear makeup. for daytime, you can wear as light or as heavy as you like. for evening, go big or go home - you want to make a statement walking into a party. when it comes down to brass tacks, blush and mascara are just not optional. fullness in your lashes and color on your cheeks will keep you looking like a live human being, particularly in the winter months when we all begin to look a little pale.

hope that helps with some direction on the rules of makeup. or, you are welcome to take a page out of my book and inch your way closer to drag queen status daily. it's up to you.


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  1. I agree that blush and eyeliner should not be optional! My eyelashes are blonde so I always feel strange without mascara on,and yes I need some life in my cheeks!