Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Years Countdown #2 How To Fake A Blowout

this post has traveled around the globe thanks to the internet. pinned by top pinners, shared by Buzzfeed, Yahoo and fellow makeup bloggers, it has made the rounds. thank you. see the number two post of 2013 for How To Fake A Blowout below:

i recently wrote a guest post for The Makeup Girl sharing some tips on how Johnson's Baby Products can help you in your every day routine. they are the ultimate in product value - inexpensive, effective and accessible.

one of my daily saving graces is a quick hair refresher thanks to Johnson's Baby Powder. a light powdering of hair at the roots absorbs oil and leaves hair smelling fresh. but my favorite part of the transformation is faking a blow-out. second day hair is flat and life-less but faking a blow-out is so easy and quick. follow the directions below on how to fake it ('til you make it!).

apply a light powdering of Johnson's Baby Powder, brush through hair to refresh. finish by using a large barreled curling iron i quickly curl my hair beginning at the ends and working my way up. five minutes later i'm a new woman!

another quick tip from the Johnson's baby line is for those moments where you dress and realize your legs are exposed and you haven't shaved in a week. don't judge - we've all been there. apply a dime sized amount of baby oil gel to your legs and get a quick dry shave in a matter of seconds while avoiding razor burn and leaving your legs silky smooth.

i am a stickler for clean and baby shampoo is my favorite product for cleaning my makeup brushes and products. for a tutorial on how to clean and sanitize your makeup brushes, click here.


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