Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Years Countdown #1 Post(s)

the top post of 2013 is a tie. my How To Apply Liquid Foundation and How Get The Perfect Crease post have generated lots of buzz and lots of traffic for my little beauty blog.

thank you, thank you for taking this journey with me. i am typing to an anonymous internet but for my friends, family and readers i don't even know who take the time to comment and support my blog, thank you. here's to a fantastic 2014.

see both tutorials below.

liquid foundation is my jam, but learning how to apply liquid foundation took a bit of practice. there's something slightly intimidating about that one ounce jar which offers the promise of airbrushed skin or a face mask, depending on how it is applied. here are some tips to get your liquid foundation perfect every time.

How to Apply Liquid Foundation:
  • PRIME - i'll admit, i don't do this step every time, but think of primer like velcro for your foundation; it holds it in place. priming is a must when you want your makeup to stay put, last longer and apply smoother. a perfect solution for summer when foundation notoriously wears off quickly. using a pea sized amount, apply from the center of your face, outwards.
  • APPLY - first and foremost, let's make sure your foundation is a match. for tips on how to select makeup colors, check out this post here. second, opt for a nicer foundation if your budget allows.  i swear by my Make Up For Ever HD Foundation. it is hands down my favorite foundation. 
    • to apply, pump once onto the back of your hand. with a foundation brush, apply starting just below the inner corner of your eye and blend outwards. this helps prevent the foundation 'line' at the edge of your face and typically you want the most coverage around nose, cheeks & chin. for extra coverage, use another pump of product. follow the guide above for instruction on where to place product, and which direction to spread it.
  • FINISH - using an invisible finishing powder, apply product to the entire face. invisible finishing powders make your makeup look flawless. finishing with a pressed powder or colored powder will give extra coverage, but it can easily get that 'cakey' makeup look. an invisible finishing powder will set your makeup and help it look natural. a finishing powder also allows for better application of brush and bronzer.
once you get this foundation routine down you'll find that it gets easier and easier with time. you'll learn which areas of your face need extra coverage (in my case: cheeks & chin) and which areas need very little coverage (in my case: forehead). regardless, you will quickly graduate from 'beginner' to 'pro'.

struggling to learn how to get that perfect crease every time? the answer is simple, tilt back. tilting your head back while applying your making helps stretch out the surface of your eyelid allowing you to apply the details of your eyeshadow more carefully. applying your shadow while your head is upright compresses the surface of your lid making accuracy more difficult.

additionally, you tend to apply the color lower than it should be applied when your head is upright. when your head is tilted back you apply the color directly to the shadowed part of your brow bone which is the perfect location. WARNING: applying your crease color too low can actually make your eyes appear smaller. your lid surface will look wider and bigger when your crease color is applied correctly.

getting the perfect crease every time has never been easier.


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