Thursday, January 16, 2014

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Eyeliner

every once in a while i try a product that i love so much i kind of want to shout it from the rooftops. i guess featuring a single product in a single post is my way of showing you just how amazing i think this one product is.

a while ago i had a friend recommend this eyeliner to me, raving about its ease of use, its long lasting qualities and its virtually fool proof application. having used eyeliner pens before i had my doubts. eyeliner pens are notoriously expensive for cost of use vs. product life. often they will dry out quickly, or the ends get mucked up making it impossible to get that precision point you want. i finally bit the bullet and invested $20 in a Stila stay all day liner.

$20 for an eyeliner. crazy talk, right? i know, i thought so too, until i used it.

the Stila stay all day liner does exactly what it promises. it stays all day without smudging. the pen tip is the perfect shape for making a cat eye or applying with ease. even when i used this eyeliner before heading to the beach in Kauai (please spare me the judgement of wearing eyeliner to the beach, i'm addicted) i returned home to find it still perfectly placed on top of my lashes allowing them to look thicker and fuller with more definition of my eyes.

have i convinced you yet? if you are looking for the perfect eyeliner, the price tag is a bit steep but i promise you it is worth it. at least you'll earn some points if you purchase this at Sephora, right?


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