Monday, February 10, 2014


February is here and with it came the snow! my kids have been loving the fun-filled days of playing in the snow but we are not loving how dry it is making our skin. the cold air and low humidity takes a toll on our skin by leaving it dry. my little darlings also suffer from allergies and eczema which can become particularly bad in this weather.

how do we solve this problem. by stuffing every corner of our house with lotions, particularly healing ointments that are petrolatum based like Aquaphor. these ointments work well to provide a protect barrier to your skin while also providing effective care for dry, chapped or irritated skin needs.

Aquaphor generously sent a box full of goodies and i was more than happy to share the love by passing some on to friends and family so that they can also stay moisturized. that is how we #Aquaphorit.

head over to Aquaphor's Facebook page for more tips and tricks or visit Amazon to try it out for yourself!


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