Monday, February 10, 2014

Spring Trends // Casual Glow

There is nothing I love more than a casual cool glow, and this spring the makeup trends are offering just that. The spring/summer runways were filled with models sporting dewy skin, natural hues and bold lashes. This is not only a makeup trend I can endorse, it is one we can all easily replicate!

Dewy skin might seem simple, in fact it is simple, but achieving it requires the right products that will leave you glowing rather than shiny. Begin with a full body glow. The best way to moisturize skin is to take showers that are not scalding hot but rather mildly hot and once you are towel dried immediately apply your moisturizer. This immediate step is essential, even waiting a few minutes will cause water to evaporate off your skin. Have your body lotion handy and be ready to apply immediately to lock in the moisture remaining on your skin. A good lotion to try would be Ology Milk & Honey Body Lotion. This lotion rejuvenates your skin with creamy milk and sweet honey to naturally nourish and keep it moisturized all day long. Ology Milk & Honey Body Lotion is an exclusive product to Walgreens, so stop by and snag it on the run.

For a glowing radiant face, skip the layers of foundation and powder and opt towards a more natural look. Rather than cover up any skin imperfections with makeup, try Garnier Skin Renew 5 Second Blur. This face cream instantly blurs the visible signs of aging which includes fine lines, wrinkles, flaws and visible pores. Your skin will show improvements immediately without the heavy layers of makeup. Effortless and casual, all in one step.

Skip the strong tones of lipstick and keep your lips kissably soft and radiant with NIVEA A Kiss of Care & Color Lip Balm. The new lip balm contains exclusive Moisture Core Technology with Pro Vitamin B5 for long-lasting moisture that leaves lips soft and smooth. The Moisture Core is then wrapped with a shell of color to leave just the slightest hint of color on your lips.

Let the natural hues of your skin provide the majority of color to your face and focus on keeping your eyes bold with lashes that stand out. I'm not talking about 'tarantula lashes' that are coated in mascara so thick that they look like they could break. I'm talking about lashes that are strong, healthy and long. The L'Oreal Paris Voluminous Butterfly Mascara is a revolutionary mascara for a bold look that features a winged tip butterfly brush to stretch and extend lashes. It will instantly transform your lashes with fibers that wrap your lashes in a soft and delicate veil for silky lashes that flutter.

Beach waves, tousled hair, casual ponytails and messy knots were seen everywhere and those looks are so simple to recreate. While you might not need a tutorial on how to let your hair air dry, you may be looking for a product that will keep your hair shining and frizz free when it does air dry. Try Mark Hill MiracOILicious Argan Oil with Ylang-Ylang and Palmarosa, a Walgreens exclusive. Moroccan Argan Oil is a real beauty phenomenon. Combining the power of essential oils and plant extracts, this ultra-nourishing formula can be used as a conditioning treatment that rehydrates, eliminates frizz and speeds up drying time. Effortless? Check. Casual? Check. Odds are you have a Walgreens nearby, so why not stop by for some Mark Hill product to keep your hair in check?

Last, our makeup trends wouldn't be complete without the glamour of nail polish. Nails have become more of a fashion accessory instead of just a color and while your hair and makeup might be casual cool, express your creative self through your polish. This spring Essie introduces the Encrusted Treasures collection which is nail art, refined. These polishes are fashionable, multi-dimensional and have a high-intensity prismatic shine. Get glowing with sophistication.

Want to know what makes these trends even more effortless? You can achieve them by picking up all of these products at your local Walgreens. No breaking the bank, no hunting down specific items at department stores, just an easy, quick and affordable pickup at your nearest Walgreens.


Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Walgreens and Style Coalition.

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