Thursday, February 20, 2014

Braiding Hairstyle Tutorial

i love braids. they're cute, fun, flirty and easy. kind of like the best friend you've always wanted. the great thing about braids is that they take a basic hairstyle and make it fresh.

does your messy bun need a makeover? try a french braid from the base of your neck upwards. re-fashion that bun in no time.

wearing your hair down? again? braiding your hair will give that no-style hairstyle a much needed perk.

ponytails are my go-to. [for some reason my 3 year-old daughter hates when i wear messy buns] to add a quick twist to the basic pony, i topsy-tail the pony, fish tail the end (make sure to pull the braid a bit to make it messy) and voila! new do. take this one step further by rolling up your braid and bobby pin it as a chic chignon.

click through links here for a video tutorial on how to create a braided headband or how to get that Lauren Conrad front braid.

learning how to braid your hair takes a little bit of practice. once you have it mastered, your styling options are limitless.


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  1. Thanks for the tips I'm definitely going to try the first and the last styles :)