Monday, February 3, 2014

DIY Makeup Remover Wipes

with all of my costume makeup-ing i have been in dire need of makeup remover wipes. washing your face in the sink helps clean, but it does not remove ALL makeup residue. i find that often i have residue around my eyes, hairline, or near my earlobes that i have missed. since our budget is a little tighter of late, i decided to research making my own makeup remover wipes.

i have put together the following tutorial so that you too can make your own makeup remover wipes.


1  2-ply paper towel roll
very sharp knife
4  cups water
a dash of baby wash (i prefer Aveeno, non-comedogenic, hypo-allergenic, and doesn't sting your eyes)
a container for your wipes (high class all the way, an old Daisy Sour Cream container)

step 1:

measure your container to your paper towel roll to determine length of cut. with knife, cut through paper towel roll.

step 2:

mix a dash of your preferred baby wash (why baby wash? because it is a gentle cleanser and typically doesn't irritate skin) with 4 cups of water.

step 3:

place paper towel roll in container to make sure it fits! (roll will be very difficult to re-cut once it is wet)

step 4:

remove paper towel roll, add 1 cup of water to bottom of container. replace paper towel roll and add remaining cleansing solution. once solution is absorbed, remove cardboard center.

that's it! so simple and the whole process took me less than five minutes, including finding all materials which i had around the house. place your wipes in a location that doesn't scream, SOUR CREAM and enjoy!


EDITORS NOTE: last time i posted this i had a reader suggest adding some coconut oil and i couldn't agree more! coconut oil is not only moisturizing, it makes a great makeup remover.

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