Monday, March 3, 2014

Makeup Wars Blogger Impulse Buys

this week's Makeup Wars is all about blogger impulse buys. we've all been there - you're reading a blog and see a product that you thing is such an amazing deal, great buy, must-have item that you immediately click through and order it.

yep, that's exactly what i did with the MAC Pro Palette Large. i have smaller versions and have seen the larger versions on YouTube. i repeatedly told myself 'it's too expensive', 'i don't want to have to order new pan refills', 'my little pots work just fine' and then i saw Nouveau Cheap write a post about how affordable these palettes really are. at the ridiculously good price of only $8 a palette and an additional $2 for the insert (blush or eyeshadow options) you've got yourself a pro palette. spend a little extra time de-potting your shadows and voila! palette complete.

why do you need this product? because having all of your shadows in one spot is life changing. (editor's note: i tend to exaggerate a bit when talking about how important makeup is) maybe not life changing but extremely convenient. you can pack all your shadows for travel without the bulk of individual pots, when applying your shadow you don't have to dig for the perfect complimentary color and selecting coordinating colors is oh so easy. there's a reason everyone loves the NAKED palettes so much, it is because they make eyeshadow easy peasy.

have i convinced you yet?

reminder, it is only $10.


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  1. It's only $10?!?! I never would have thought that! I am convinced!

  2. Everyone needs at least one or nine of these, for sure!

  3. Palettes are so much easier to work with than individual shades, I completely agree.

  4. Nouveau Cheap tells you something is a good deal, you buy it!

  5. I didn't know these were only $10. Now I need one to put together the ideal palette.

  6. Wow... Didn't realize it was so affordable