Thursday, March 6, 2014

Spring Lip Color Update

one of my favorite ways to update my look for the season is a new lip color and this year i have decided to take it all the way to 11. Pink Nouveau by MAC is my pick for this season's change. Pink Nouveau is a bright pink color with a satin finish. this bright pink has a great blue undertone which makes it a perfect pink for me. additionally, it is such a great bright color that it matches everything. it follows the anomaly of a royal blue stiletto. when something matches nothing it seems to match everything. additionally read as cheetah print.

surprisingly my lipstick arsenal has little in the way of bright colors. i have pinks and nudes galore, deep rich colors for fall but my bright options are lacking and i am so happy to have found a solution.

along with my Pink Nouveau purchase i picked up a new lip liner to update my current overabundance of nude lip colors. the Hip n' Happy lip liner makes a great liner for nudes, brighten your lips completely by lining the whole lip with the Hip n' Happy and wear alone, or tone it done with a dab of nude lipstick. versatile lip liners are always worth the investment.

Pink Nouveau

Hip n' Happy

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