Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Skincare School

you may know that i am a RoC Skincare Ambassador but please don't think my opinions are biased. i am serious about skincare. skincare is one of the fundamentals in beauty and knowing how to treat your skin - what products to use and when - are the hammer and wrenches of your skincare toolbox.

thankfully RoC has put together an online skincare RoC ACADEMY to teach you about the skincare fundamentals, i.e.: the aging process, the story of retinols, etc. these are all things what will help you learn how to treat your aging skin appropriately. something we could all benefit from!

fact: slowing cellular turnover is part of the again process. it causes skin to appear dull, dry and uneven.

fact: fluctuating hormones can cause skin to produce less oil and make it dryer.

fact: it can take up to twelve weeks to see meaningful results in skincare.

these are just a few of the gems you will learn over at the RoC Academy. i think it is worth the few moments and let this be my PSA - the more you know…

head to the RoC Academy HERE for your chance to learn more. additionally, once you finish the course you qualify for high value RoC coupon that you don't want to miss.


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