Monday, May 5, 2014

Makeup Tip For Lipstick

sometimes when i apply my lipstick or lip liner i accidentally make a weird bump or squiggle on my lip that looks unnatural. cleaning up that error can be a little difficult if you have already applied your foundation. or, have you ever tried to wipe away RED lipstick? let's just say it's not easy.

this weekend i was able to attend a MAC Pro seminar and i learned the coolest trick for applying lipstick. if you smudge, do not fear. just use an angled brush like the MAC 266.

wipe the tip on a moist towel, such as a makeup remover towelette or baby wipe. it's just enough moisture to remove the lipstick without being messy. take your angled brush and just brush over the offending smudge. it should wipe right off. when finished your lips should look perfectly lined.


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