Friday, May 9, 2014

Nexxus Color Assure System #colorassure

this is a compensated post on behalf of Condè Nast and Nexxus however all opinions and experiences are my own.

a few months back i received the Nexxus Color Assure System to use for a period of 6 weeks. this window of time was so that i could give you my honest feedback on how well these products work and how effective they are. the Nexxus claim is that it will help your artificial hair color last longer and fade less during the in-between period of hair coloring. a serious issue facing most women over the age of 18.

okay, let's be honest, i've been color my hair since 14. if you did the math that would mean i have been involved with hair color for 20 years. i think that qualifies as some experience, right?!

so how does the Nexxus Color Assure System lock in color vibrancy? by keeping the water out. introduced with the Nexxus Color Assure System is the Pre-Wash Primer. the Pre-Wash Primer is a pretreatment to be used on your hair prior to showering/washing. it is a blend of clear oils including almond oil, coconut oil and argan oils that helps to repel water and shield hair while showering.

it may seem counter productive to add oil to your hair prior to washing. but if you have been following the coconut oil craze for the last little bit you know that these oils will do nothing but help your hair maintain its glossy gorgeousness. simply use 5-7 pumps of the product and apply to hair so that it is silky. if your hands are greasy after application you have used to much.

wash hair as necessary - best results come with using the complete Nexxus line but the real game changer in this line is the Pre-Wash Primer.

if you are looking to make your hair color last longer in between salon appointments, this is a product you should definitely give a shot. for longer color vibrancy and protection, it is the product you need in your hair care lineup.



  1. I just got a sample of this system in my May Birchbox, which is perfect timing as I just got my hair highlighted this week. I already have two huge bottles of color protecting shampoo and conditioner from Redken, so do you think that just going with the Primer would do the trick? Thanks! Love your blog :)

  2. I love Nexxus, and I was curious about this line, so thank you for the recommendation! Def trying it out! Also, so glad I got to hang out with you and Casey this weekend... can't wait for next year! :)

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