Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Flaunt Your Confidence With Certain Dri

ever have a moment where you lift your arm to fix your hair, adjust your sunglasses or brush the slight itch from your face when the realization that the sweat tacos under your arm have inadvertently been exposed for all to see?

please tell me i'm not the only one.

summer months are notorious for fun, sun and perspiration - or as i like to refer to it 'sparkling'. while sparkling is generous way to refer to the clamminess that comes from spending a day exposed to heat there are certain steps you can take to prevent it.

enter Certain Dri®, the number one doctor-recommended antiperspirant. 72 hours of unmatched sweat and odor protection allows you confidently live your life without the scrutiny of what your pits might be saying to the world. apply the product sparingly at bedtime and in the mornings for all day sweat protection.

my Certain Dri® products came packaged in a custom 'closet' themed box to reflect the changes that will happen to your wardrobe. no longer do you have to worry about what to wear or what will hide your summer sweat. instead you can confidently select any items from your closet knowing that Certain Dri® will help manage your sweat situation.

speaking of sweat situations, i have one of my own that you may be able to relate to. i had just boarded a plane to go visit my fiancé (back in the days before Tman and i were married!) and i sat in my seat at the front of the plane getting hotter and hotter as the boarding door sat open and allowed the warm summer air to enter the plane. now, i am a person who doesn't sweat often and because of this my concern over sweat situations is very low, until i find myself in a moment sweating profusely and silently cursing myself for not caring more. this was one of those situations. my clammy airplane sweat followed me all the way to San Antonio directly to when Tman greeted me with open arms for a hug and i awkardly hugged him with a stiff, arms-down, Frankenstein style hug. real smooth.

we've all had those moments so let's celebrate the fact that we don't have to have those moments ever again. Certain Dri® can easily be found at mass market retailers (Walmart, Target, CVS, etc.) and getting your hands on this product is simple.

Certain Dri® wants you to show off your confidence and enter in the Certain Dri® Closet Full of Confidence Giveaway. you'll be entered for a chance to win $1000 Gift Card for a customized closet organizer to hold all the new clothes and styles you can now wear thanks to Certain Dri®. giveaway period is from 6/5-6/26.

check out the details here on the Certain Dri® Facebook page.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of CERTAIN DRI®. The opinions and text are all mine.

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