Monday, June 9, 2014

Meaningful Beauty Cindy Crawford Review & Giveaway

i was recently selected to become a brand ambassador for the Meaningful Beauty Cindy Crawford skincare. as part of the program i was sent the skincare line to try and incorporate into my lifestyle. one of my major problems with skincare is finding the time and the motivation to do it - but once that conversion happens i lock in.

my entire life i have spent on the outskirts of exercise. i was athletic enough to enjoy activities but 100% out of shape. did i have any desire to exercise? no. i blame it on my genetic disposition to stay the same size and shape no matter what i do but believe me, i was needing a pick-me-up. 

Tman and i were planning our 10 year anniversary trip to Hawaii and i decided i wanted to try and get into better conditioning before we left. i began exercising on a regular basis. week one was exhausting and 20 minutes into the exercising i would usually quit. week two was similar. week three i could make it through the entire program but would always end up on the floor huffing and puffing. week four, same story. week five i noticed the workouts were getting a little easier and more enjoyable. by week six, exercising had become a habit that i no longer dreaded but appreciated. it took several weeks to get over the negativity of the workouts to really reap the benefits of the workouts. more energy, better sleep, less anxiety and toned muscles were just a few of the things i began to notice. working out went from being a burden to a blessing.

the same can happen with your skin care. no matter what your age, skin care is always an issue. your gorgeous perfect skin begins degenerating from the moment you leave the womb. free radicals are on constant attack, uv rays work their deadly unavoidable magic and lifestyle conditions are always in flux.

am i excited to start the Meaningful Beauty Cindy Crawford line? the answer is yes. complete lines of skincare typically bring about the most change. each product targets specific problem areas, dryness, fine lines, sun damage, etc. for an Umbrella Policy of skincare that can't be beat. i want to take something that has previously seemed a burden and turn it into a blessing. i would like my overall health and wellness to continue improving. i may be aging but my lifestyle and my skin doesn't have to.

below are the simple steps to the Meaningful Beauty daily routines for AM & PM:

interested in a chance to win your own Meaningful Beauty Cindy Crawford skincare collection? simply follow the instructions below:

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