Monday, July 21, 2014

False Eyelash Application

adding false lashes instantly glams up any look. however, application can feel clumsy or uncomfortable if you haven't used/worn eyelashes before. if this is your first time wearing lashes, or if you are looking for a subtle glam, wearing individual lashes is your answer. individual lashes are very comfortable to wear and simple to apply.

for my lash application i like to use Ardell DuraLash. they are individual eyelash segments that can be added to create as dramatic effect as you would like. on the downside, they can only be worn once and last no longer than 24 hrs, the upside is that they are virtually weight free and do not cause irritation to your eyes.

here is a before shot of my eyes sans lash:

to apply lashes, dab a small amount of glue to the back of your hand. this makes applying glue to the lash tip simple and it also allows the glue to become a bit tacky before applying. tacky glue = easier application.

next, choose your lashes wisely. i have Ardell DuraLash in medium and short lengths to create a more natural blend of lashes.

take your individual section of lash and dip the tip of the lashes into your glue. using this dab of glue on your hand ensures the perfect amount of glue is adhered to the lash every time.

gently lay the lash segment on top of your own lashes. be sure to give slight pressure to the glue by pressing into your eyelash base. use longest lashes on the outside of your eyes, taper inwards using smaller lashes towards the middle.

the finished product. these lashes can be as subtle as you like but create such a perfect enhancement to your natural lash by adding just the right amount of smokiness and length. 


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