Thursday, July 31, 2014

Summer Eye Makeup Tutorial

this is one of my favorite daily looks for spring/summer. it is a little makeup trick i learned from Laura Mercier. she recommends using a flesh toned eyeliner or light blue eyeliner for your lower lid to "perk" up your eyes. since i am consistently sleep deprived (thanks to my three gorgeous children) i can use all the "perking" up that i can get.

in addition to my blue eyeliner, i have also been incorporating Hard Candy's Eye'm Tired. this product claims to de-puff, brighten and firm, all of which sound incredibly appealing. i haven't scientifically tested this, but it does feel irresistably cool and refreshing once applied.

one of the reasons i love this so much? it is simple:
  1. apply nude shadow to entire eyelid
  2. line upper eyelid with black liquid liner
  3. line lower eyelid with blue eyeliner on waterline and outer corner of eyelid


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