Friday, September 19, 2014

Fashion Friday Piper Street Style

today's post is an ode to one of my favorite girlfriends and her amazing online clothing shop Piper Street. Piper Street is an online clothing destination of finely curated tops, skirts, denim, jewelry and more founded by Sarah and Jenni. their goal is to provide a place where you can find the latest trends in styles that are trendy, affordable and while it sounds so 1950's - modest. Sarah is an old friend of mine who introduced me to this whole beauty and fashion thing when she let me work as an assistant for her Image Consulting business. no joke - she is paid to style people. talk about a dream job. her styling is always on point and her shop reflects that. Jenni and i met for the first time on this trip and i can tell you this woman sleeps, eats and breathes fashion. it is innate in her and i loved getting to know such a stunning woman whose spirit shines just as bright as her jewelry.

below is a group shot of all of us in New York including another mutual friend of ours (also named Sarah and just as amazing as the Piper Street duo. love you Sarah!) on the left:

my outfit below is Piper Street. the top is a faux leather mixed print peplum top. the denim is a white denim and you can find it on the website under the name Devyn denim. the glasses are Kate Spade and the shoes and crossbody purse are Zara.

here's the deal: i am tiny in a barely 5'1" under triple digits kind of way. clothes rarely fit me off the rack. being petite has its drawbacks as does any size that is not 'average'. i can go shopping with my sister and i'm not kidding when i say she looks AMAZING in everything she tries on. i however can try on 20 items and not find a single thing that fits. i'm not complaining, i'm just stating facts. as a petite person i take into consideration that i will have to pay to alter most items of clothing i buy. this peplum top fits like a glove but that is thanks to the extra $15 i paid to my tailor to bring in the side seams an inch along with tightening of the arm widths.

my point in mentioning this is to encourage that tailoring your clothes will ensure a perfect fit for a not so 'perfect' size. because most women can't walk into a store and walk out with perfect fitting clothes i would suggest finding a local tailor who you can trust to alter and create magic with the clothing you buy. just because it doesn't 'fit' doesn't mean it can't.


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