Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Favorite MAC Lipsticks

L-R: Politely Pink, Snob, Creme Cup, Innocence, Beware!
when it comes to lip color i am super picky. pink, nude and blue undertones are all musts for my lipstick essentials. lip colors have a tendency to look orange on me and the blue undertone helps keep it cool. pinks are my most flattering shade and work best with my fair skin tone. sheer colors are best for easy, casual wear and matte lip colors give a stronger impact. these are just my own personal issues with color but let's be honest, we all have them. finding the perfect shade(s) can be tricky.

MAC Cosmetic lip colors are my go-to when it comes to lip color. they apply smooth, last long and the color selection is on point. my favorite thing about MAC Cosmetic lip colors is that with the MAC recycling program, you can turn in any 6 empty product containers and get a lip color for free. this has certainly helped build my collection over the years.

while the colors above may look eerily similar, they apply much differently than you would think. here are the details on the best (for me!) MAC lipsticks:

the first, Politely Pink is a great pink color and applies sheer with a bit of lustre. it almost has a sheen similar to lip gloss except it isn't tacky and your hair doesn't stick to it when it is windy. great for everyday wear and applies easily on the go since the color payoff is subtle.

the second MAC lipstick, Snob, is my favorite MAC lip color of all time. i wear it most frequently and looks great with my clothing color palette - mainly greys. it looks pink but applies with a very subtle lavender undertone which makes it the perfect 'Barbie' pink for me.

the third,  Créme Cup, is my second favorite MAC lipstick. a little more subtle than Snob, this perfectly toned nude pairs well with a smoky eye or a casual look. it is a cremesheen color which makes it apply smooth like butter with the slightest hint of shine. 

the last shade, Innocence, Beware!, is a great nude with less pink undertones than Créme Cup. it is a warmer nude which makes it a great option for those of you with warmer skin undertones. i use it when i am wearing warm color tones and it looks great with gold accessories.

all that thought put into four shades that are extremely close in color? yes, it is worth it. these are just my four favorite MAC lip colors. tomorrow i will be sharing my spring lipstick update.


*a big thank you to my daughter and her friends for being my gorgeous 'lip models'. they are the cutest.


  1. I love Snob and Creme Cup, they're two of my favorites as well. I really want to check out Innocence, Beware! It's gorgeous!

  2. I've been eyeing creme cup for a while now i feel i should get it!