Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Hairfinity Hair Vitamins for Stronger, Healthier Hair

hair is one of the defining characteristics of mammals and for me, my hair is a valued possession. i do what i can to keep it healthy, strong and full of life. sure, hair is primarily lacking life, the only 'living' portion of hair is found in the follicle however hair that is vibrant, shiny and bouncy with body seems to have a life of its own. taking care of my hair is important and that is why i am excited to share information about Hairfinity hair vitamins.

after having my third child i noticed an incredible amount of hair loss. sure, this happened around three months after i had my first two children but for some reason with the third child, it really took a toll. i would lose mounds of hair in the shower, in my hair brush and when it seemed like i couldn't possibly lose any more, i would find it fallen on the floor. i immediately went to my girls in the BBC (Beauty Blog Coalition, a group of beauty bloggers who share tips, advice, etc.) and asked for help. the overwhelming response was that Biotin was a key ingredient to improving hair. guess what the main ingredient is in the Hairfinity hair vitamins? you guessed it, Biotin. along with Biotin you will also find a mix of vitamin B3, A and C, all vitamins associated with improving hair strength and growth as well.

below is a before and after photograph of Chelsea after using the products for two weeks. you can see more before and after photos here.

if you have any tips for improving hair strength and growth i would love to hear, i am always on the lookout for new ideas. in the meantime, check out for more information on how you can improve your hair.




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