Friday, October 10, 2014

Fashion Friday - Finding Perfection in Life

can we discuss the fact that it is OCTOBER and still 80 degrees? if you have ever been to the Oregon Coast you know to expect cool breezes and cool temps, particularly in the fall. last weekend the Blushing Basics fam headed to Seaside for a weekend and were met with 80 degree temps and fun in the sun. thankfully this meant i could still wear my new Vince Camuto sandals (yay!) and it gave me an opportunity to bring out my lightweight jacket from Athleta.

i one hundred percent love the Oregon coast. having grown up in Washington state it brings back memories of childhood vacations with family and friends. Tman and i had so much fun walking the boardwalk with the kids, eating ice cream, riding bumper cars and playing arcade games. there's something special about being with your husband and kids, spending time with them and enjoying life in that moment

i had a friend post recently about finding happiness where you are in life, whether it is in school, training, job hunting, wherever. i'll admit i have thought to myself 'life will get easier once we are out of the military', or 'once Trever completes his Residency', or 'once we live closer to family'. well guess what? it is never easier, just different. i have tried my best to really embrace and enjoy every phase of life but i do have to admit this one is my favorite. sure Tman works like crazy, my kids have me driving every direction and i am juggling a little more than i can handle. but when i look at the bigger picture i have so many things to be thankful for it makes my heart burst. 

one of my favorite people was just diagnosed with breast cancer and that is only one of the many trials she has faced in the last year and yet she still has the outlook that her life is pretty perfect. no one is without trials or difficulties but our attitude in facing them helps determine the outcome. i feel like my life is pretty perfect, not because of my material possessions but because of my amazing and supportive husband, loving adorable children, family who are my best friends and too many blessings to count.

hopefully you can see that your life is pretty perfect too. 

thank you for being here, thank you for visiting my blog and thank you for actually taking the time to read all the way to this point. every step i make is because of your support.

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