Thursday, October 16, 2014

Thursday Style With Fabkids

recently the Blushing Basics fam took a trip to Oregon and while we were there we enjoyed all that the Oregon coast has to offer. this gorgeous picture above captured a perfect moment and a piece of my heart as i watch my little ones have fun in the ocean. for this trip we brought along the girls' new Fabkids outfits which were the black and white striped dresses with black leggings.

for those of you who are new to the Fabkids scene it is an online clothing shop for kids that offers outfits delivered to your door monthly or the option of shopping for outfits individually. as a mom i LOVE this site because all of the dresses are matched with coordinating leggings. let me tell you that when shopping for little girls it is so hard to find 'unders' (as my girls like to call them) that cover their legs and underwear for when they are playing. my girls adore dresses but hate that they can't play as freely as they like if they don't have something to cover up underneath. buying a dress with matching leggings is a dream come true.

i took a moment to snap a few pics of my newest acquisitions a lá Last Chance - the store of all stores. it is a store located in Arizona, the only one of its kind in the US. this is the store where Nordstrom sends its returns and they are resold. basically, a Nordstrom thriftstore as almost all items have been worn prior. i snagged this Rag & Bone tshirt for $10, my Kate Spade bag for under $100 and the Vince Camuto booties were only $15. if you ever visit AZ this is a must-stop shop.

hope you are having a great week. Friday is just around the corner.


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